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Rock Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Finding the right rock climbing shoes can be difficult at the best of times but trying to find rock climbing shoes for wide feet can just seem like a nightmare. Trying to squeeze your feet into shoes which aren’t wide enough is a problem our narrow footed friend just don’t understand. This is made all the worse when trying to buy them online and you can’t try them on.

To help you with these we have found the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet and will look to keep this list up to date if with find more.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Five Ten Anasazi VCS

Five Ten are a great choice when you want to buy shoes for wide feet as the toe box tend to come a little wider than other brands. The Anasazi VCS are a great all-rounder climbing shoes, the only area where you may find them lacking is for toe hooking.

As Anasazi use a synthetic upper it is worth getting the same size as you wear day to day or half a size down max as these won’t stretch lengthways.



Evolv Shaman


The Shaman is probably Evolv’s most well-known shoe and considered to be the companies first world-class shoe. The Evolv Shaman was actually designed by Chris Sharma, one of the biggest names in the sport, we’ve included a video of Chris talking about the original Shaman below.

With the Velcro straps, these fit nicely no matter what size foot you have and the toe box is nice and roomy, perfect for those with wide feet.

Similar to the Five Ten Anasazi it’s worth buying these in your day to day size or half a size down due to using synthetic materials. While these don’t stretch lengthways, over time they will conform to the shape of your feet better than natural materials. Though, with the synthetic materials, they can start to smell. If they do potentially look into something like Boot Bananas to deodorise them.

Scarpa Boostic

The Scarpa Boostic could possibly be one of the comfiest rock climbing shoes you’ll find once broken in. The Scarpa Boostic a redesign of the popular Scarpa BoosterHeinz Mariacher, who has been instrumental in the design of modern climbing shoes was involved in the design of these shoes.

This shoe is great for edging and smearing

Older versions of the Boostic had a larger heel cup, thankfully Scarpa has listened and fixed it leaving us with a more comfortable fit. Again, these shoes use synthetic materials, so buy in your day to day size or half a size smaller.



La Sportiva Mythos


La Sportiva Mythos are designed specifically for women, so keep that in mind if guys are buying

The Mythos are comfortable enough that you could go all day wearing them if you were so inclined. The lace system helps ensure a snug fit around your foot.

One drawback with these is that they are not designed in a way that allows for high-level edging.





Evolv Shaman best rock climbing shoe for wide feetThe overall winner for the best shoe for those with wide feet is the Evolv Shaman. Everywhere you look online you’ll find people recommending Evolv Shamans to those with wide feet and after using these for a while you can see why. The high friction toe patch is incredibly useful

While they do tend to get a little smelly when climbing for a while, we still feel this is a small price for the comfort.

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