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Should I resole my rock climbing shoes

Should I resole my rock climbing shoes?

You’ve been using your rock climbing shoes for years. You’ve lost count of the number of climbs you’ve done in them. Unfortunately, though, they’ve seen better days. After a lot of use, the soles of our rock climbing shoes can start to wear out, leaving you with the question “should I buy a new pair” […]

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New rock climbing shoes

How to break in new rock climbing shoes

So you’ve bought some new rock climbing shoes. They’re beautiful. Everything you ever wanted and needed to master bouldering. You rush to your local bouldering gym, put them on and start climbing. You’ve noticed they feel really tight, you’re certain they were the right size. The problem is you need to break in new rock […]

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Wide Rock Climbing Shoe

Rock Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Finding the right rock climbing shoes can be difficult at the best of times but trying to find rock climbing shoes for wide feet can just seem like a nightmare. Trying to squeeze your feet into shoes which aren’t wide enough is a problem our narrow footed friend just don’t understand. This is made all […]

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